I’m not a big watch person, like at all. Nothing wrong with them, I think they’re cute but I’m just not a watch type of gal. I’ve known lots of people who wear watches on a daily basis. I, on the other hand, always forget to put them on in the morning.

However, I was told that I needed to purchase a watch for my clinicals next semester. So I went on the hunt for the perfect watch for me. I wanted one that would be pretty nice and last me a long time, but I also wanted one that would be stylish and cute as well. But, I also have a very small wrist so most watches look ridiculous on my arm. Me being the marble obsessed woman I am, I searched for marble watches LOL. And I found the perfect watch for me!

I found this gorgeous Fossil watch and I AM OBSESSED.


I highly recommend you check out the Fossil watches! They are really good quality and have lots of cut styles and options to choose from. Also, they are having a sale right now on watches for Father’s Day but it ends on the 6/16 so check them out now!!

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